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1 Euro(s) exchanged to Bermudan Dollar(s) will result in: 1.085 BMD. You currently converted Euro(s) to Bermudan Dollar(s) with the help of the following international currency exchange rate: 1.085. This exchange rate has been provided to you via Euro-rates.eu. Please note that the exchange rate of Euro and Bermudan Dollar can fluctuate over time. For example if you have traded 1 Euro(s) for Bermudan Dollar(s) 1 year ago on 2019-02-22 than you would get 1.134 instead.

This accounts for a 4.545 % change for the positive. Changing 1 Euro(s) now to Bermudan Dollar(s) 1 year ago would have been a better deal, but that doesn't mean that the price won't change to the positive side in the future. The monthly volatility is 2.77 % or 0.031 Euro. This shows us a general picture of the risk associated with trading this market.

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Here is a live view to some of the exchange rates for Euro if you wanted to trade it into a different currency:

EUR Change
USD icon Exchange rate for USD is: 1.085. This has changed by 1.871% in the past month for the favor of BMD.
JPY icon Exchange rate for JPY is: 121.032. This has changed by 0.067% in the past month for the favor of BMD.
GBP icon Exchange rate for GBP is: 0.837. This has changed by 0.682% in the past month for the favor of BMD.
AUD icon Exchange rate for AUD is: 1.639. This has changed by -1.375% in the past month for the favor of BMD.
CAD icon Exchange rate for CAD is: 1.434. This has changed by 1.163% in the past month for the favor of BMD.